I looked out the window…

i looked out the window
the dog was gone again
the gate left open

i walked round back to make sure.
there, instead of fluffy
was a huge tortoise
large enough for me to sit on

hello, i said
did you see what happened to fluffy?

that mangy dog with the
bejeweled collar you mean?

yeah, that one

we made a trade

a trade?

yeah, kinda like airbnb
she’s gone to my home in the desert
and i’m staying here

okay, well,
what do you eat?

bugs and shit

so i don’t need to feed you?

not unless you want to
i do like a roasted marshmallow now and then

i’ll see what i can do
did fluffy say why she left?

something about leaving the gate open
she felt dissed




three times the gate was open
each time she came back
and still you tested her
you hurt her feelings
as if three times wasn’t enough

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