Month: October 2014

Women Seeking Women (2009) – Written and Directed by Nina Rota

Wanting to stand out in the crazy world that is the Women Seeking Women section on craigslist’s personal ads, our hero creates a video showing exactly how exciting a date with her will be.

Directors: Nina Rota, Kate Johnson
Actors: Nina Rota, Kate Johnson

Passing by Nina Rota (Eunoia Review)

Passing (Eunoia)

I’m really happy to announce that my essay Passing has been published online at Eunoia Review.  I write about gender issues so other people can handle these things better than I have, and if it’s not online who’s gonna find it?

While investigating the gender transition of LA Times Sportswriter Mike Penner/Christine Daniels, I found myself in the middle of my own gender identity crisis. A second transition lead me to the deeper nature of all life transitions, and an understanding of the impossible position Christine found herself in.

Passing first appeared in Witness Magazine.

Smiling Jenny

My short story Smiling Jenny has been published in this month’s Diverse Voices Quarterly. (This is a PDF of the DVQ , search for “Smiling Jenny” to read my story.)

Dan has given up on human girlfriends because they all leave him—probably because he insists on having sex with other women in front of them. As our story begins, Dan is unpacking his newest silicone doll and preparing to have sex with her in front of his current synthetic live-in girlfriend, Smiling Jenny. She is none too pleased about this and not at all shy about expressing her feelings