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A Drop in the Ocean, Working with Refugees on Lesvos Island (2017)

A talk by Nina Rota
Video and images by Ameeta Nanji and Nina Rota
Edited by Kate Johnson

A presentation about working with refugees on Lesvos Island during the month of January 2016. A discussion with images and video showing the overwhelming number of refugees, the organization of the different refugee groups on the island, the act of welcoming refugees to Europe, how global warming contributes to the refugee crisis, and how you can help. For more information, please contact Nina Rota.

Thank you so much to Ameeta Nanji, Kate Johnson and Michael Masucci at EZTV, and Alison Terry-Evans who runs the organization Dirty Girls of Lesvos Island. Please consider donating to this amazing organization.

Voluble: Nina Rota Reading “Funeral Blues” by W.H. Auden

This video is part of the Voluble Orlando project responding to the Orlando Pulse shooting.On June 12, 2016. A single shooter killed 49 people and injured 58 others at the Pulse Nightclub on “Latin Night.” Always remember and keep dancing. Thanks so much to Voluble and Sara Fowler for doing this project.

Voluble: “Azucar en polvo” by Ellen Krout-Hasegawa and Nina Rota

Ellen Kraut-Hasegawa and I made this video as part of the Voluble Orlando project responding to the Orlando Pulse Shooting. On June 12, 2016. A single shooter killed 49 people and injured 58 others at the Pulse Nightclub on “Latin Night.” Always remember and keep dancing. Thanks so much to Voluble and Sara Fowler for doing this project.

Journey to Planet Write: Late to the Game (2016)

This is my contribution to Journey to Planet Write, a project created by Gay Degani at Words in Place. These are stories of writers’ journeys to their current writing career. Check them out!

Keep Dancing, in response to the Orlando Pulse shooting (2016)

I’m one of the dancing fools in this beautiful video in response to the tragic Orlando Pulse shooting. Produced by Victor Élan and Christopher Landavazo

49: Share Your Voice #keepdancing

Women Seeking Women (2009) – Written and Directed by Nina Rota

Wanting to stand out in the crazy world that is the Women Seeking Women section on craigslist’s personal ads, our hero creates a video showing exactly how exciting a date with her will be.

Directors: Nina Rota, Kate Johnson
Actors: Nina Rota, Kate Johnson

Fly By (excerpts) 2014

Fly By was a live, 15 minute, site-specific multimedia performance for dancers, telematic avatar performers, musicians, video installation and drone camera pilot. Performed on May 31st, 2014, it was part of the outdoor art exhibition: ONE Night: EZTV, LA ACM SIGGRAPH and Digital Art in West Hollywood. This exhibition was the finale of the three-month long retrospective series about EZTV’s history, presented by ONE Museum and Archives at USC.

A collaboration between EZTV, Donna Sternberg & Dancers, Vanessa Blaylock & Co., David Raiklen, Nina Rota, Prof. Gregory Tarle of Univ. of Michigan and Dr. Brian Nord of Fermi Lab.

Concept: Michael J. Masucci, EZTV
Choreography: Donna Sternberg and Dancers
Avatar Choreography: Vanessa Blaylock
Composer: David Raiklen
Producers: Joan Collins, David Frantz, Kate Johnson, EZTV
Tech. Dir./Assoc. Producer: Marc Rosenthal
Scientific Consultants: Gregory Tarle, PHD, Brian Nord, PHD
Drone Captain: Nina Rota
Drone Pilot: Bernie Seidler

Sponsored by the City of West Hollywood, BARCO Projectors, ONE Archives USC, LA ACM SIGGRAPH. Additional support from ARC Grant, MCubed Grant, U of Michigan.


A Right Royal Trip Down Memory Lane: The Willings Family (2013) – Written and Directed by Nina Rota

In the summer of 2013, I traveled to England with my sisters Helen and Lindy, and met up with my brother Richard and our cousins Angela and Diane in Essex. We traveled back to the villages and houses where we grew up. Along the way, I recorded images and audio on my iPhone.

Editor: Kate Johnson, EZTV

LA Woman, the Documentary (2011) – Directed by Kate Crash

A multimedia/documentary project profiling pioneering, emerging, innovative and otherwise compelling Los Angeles-based female artists, philosophers and social entrepreneurs. In their own worlds and contexts.

Directed by: Kate Crash
Produced by: EZTV & Michael Masucci

This is an interactive project. You can view the intro, the entire documentary (above), and individual clips arranged by interviewee.

Interviewees in Alphabetical Order:
Lita Albuquerque, Zina Bethune, Jessie Bliss, Strawn Bovee, Dorit Cypis, Susanna B. Dakin, Simone Forti, Nana Ghana, Carol Gillam, Kate Johnson, Anna Homler, Dr. Linda Lack, Lina Lecaro, Dianne Magee, Donna Enad Napper, Rika Ohara, Nina Rota, S.Pearl Sharp, Barbara T. Smith, Jessica Sohn, Donna Sternberg, Tiffany Trenda, Valerie Velazquez, Jan Williamson.