I’ve noticed a very interesting thing about stress. I’m going through an exceptionally stressful time in my personal life at the moment yet I am able to focus on playing tennis while I’m on the court. I suppose it’s a safe haven, something Kobe Bryant might be able to relate to. However, if I lose an hour of sleep, I’m a step slow, the ball bounces off the edge of my racket, I’m grumpy, I’m just off.

All the more reason to spend less time blogging and more time sleeping.

Practice and Competition Report: played for an hour and a half, two rally games: 15-12, 15-12, one set: 6-3.
Success Analysis:
1. I won the first rally game after being down 0-7.
2. I’m starting to effectively use my trunk twist to hit very solid shots. Even if I have to run far for a shot, I twist my trunk as part of my backstroke while I’m running to the ball and I’m ready to hit a solid shot once I get there.

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