There are a lot of chiropractors out there and I’ve probably gone to more than 40 of them desperate for help. I’ve even made a 5 minute animation about my back injury and all the useless chiropractors I suffered through. Directional Nonforce Chiropractic Technique is the most effective I’ve found. Chiropractic wasn’t the solution to my back injury, Alexander Technique was, but it is very effective for structural injuries and it’s a good thing to have periodic adjustments on a regular basis to prevent injuries.

This is an interesting part of western medicine. We wait until we are injured to get treatment instead of getting regular treatment to prevent injuries. This is directly related to the allopathic brand of medicine we have in our part of the world. It tends to deal with symptoms of injuries or illness instead of treating the body as a whole system that needs to be kept in balance.

I told my dentist that I kept getting boils in my mouth. He wanted to cut into one of them, do a biopsy and make sure there was nothing malignant in my body. I mentioned it to my homeopathist and she told me to have some wheatgrass juice each day because my acid/alkali balance was out of whack. I have wheatgrass juice three or four days a week and I’m fine. See the difference?

I’m suggesting that you see a chiropractor or acupuncturist or whatever on a regular schedule to keep your body in balance instead of waiting until you bend over one day and can’t straighten up. Those injuries that “just seem to happen” probably don’t just happen, they’ve been building up since you were running through the room when you were four years old and ran into a table and got a huge knot on your head. Trust me. I only had to wear a bandage around my head for a week.

Practice Report: practiced by myself for an hour today. My partner didn’t turn up.
Solutions Analysis: I practiced “soft toss” today. I realize that my service toss is better if I start the toss slowly and throw it up softly. It tends to rise without much spin and just hang in the air a bit so that I can see it better and increase my chances of actually hitting it.
Injury Report: one month of painting my house, two plane trips, a weekend of partying at gay pride in New York and one severe charley horse later, I dragged myself to my chiropractor, Christopher John, and got my nervous system tuned up well enough to eliminate the pain in my sacrum and neck.

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