faith versus stubborness

I lost all three sets but I didn’t play badly. My attitude at this point is to have faith that if I continue my current practice and competition regime, I will improve and win more often. But what is the difference between faith and stubborness? Tiger Woods is stubborn. Since he broke with Butch Harmon, his swing has been inconsistent and he has a ten game losing streak in PGA major championships. At my level of play, level E after all, I can expect that it will take time to develop consistent strokes and strong mental skills. It’s possible that I should run off and find a coach but I am holding firm for the moment. Besides, I doubt that Brad Gilbert is available.

Practice and Competition Report: played three sets with M.: 3-6, 3-6, 3-6, practiced my serve for two bags of practice balls
Solutions Analysis:
1. Looking for a solution to the problem of getting passed and lobbed at the net. Possible solution: hit approach shot deeper and to the corners (or grow five inches).
2. I have lost a bit of my trunk twist, which might explain my sore elbow.
3. I moved farther back on the baseline so that I had space to step into my shots.
Success Analysis: I practiced my serve after the match and because I was serving well, I kept on practicing it for a long time.
Injury report: my thumb still hurts, I am feeling pain in my elbow.