can’t hit the side of a barn so stop

I managed to win my singles match but it was a battle of double faults. The last person to double fault lost.

After the match I ran sprints and then I practiced my serve to see if I could regain form. I completely lost the loop in my backswing and the more I tried, the worse it got. I had a friend who was a very competitive darts player. At a certain point he lost his confidence. His hand would hesitate and shake instead of smoothly release the dart and he could barely hit the board. That’s how I began to feel. Here is the time when Lanny Bassham would tell me to stop, otherwise I would be practicing losing. Conversely, if I had been practicing and hitting good serve after good serve, he would tell me to keep practicing the serve even it that is not what I planned to do that day. If things are not going well, stop and come back another day.

Practice and Competition Report: played league tennis, one set of doubles and one set of singles, 6-4,6-4
Solutions Analysis:
1. Looking for a solution to the problem of losing my service stroke during a match (sound familiar?).
2. Looking for a solution to the problem of cursing after making a mistake. What is up with that?
Success Analysis:
1. I won both sets, that should count for something.
2. I served an ace and some service winners.
3. After 4 weeks of bloodshot eyes from serving while looking into the sun, I figured out that it might help to wear sunglasses.