What if you are the Lakers and you are two down to the Spurs? What do you do mentally? You could tune in to AM sports radio and listen to all the callers pronouncing your team “dead in the water.” You could complain about egos blowing up after three straight championships and overtaking the ship. You could hope that your teammates, Kobe for instance, will actually play within the coach’s system.

It might be similar to being two sets down (hopefully the match is best of 5) knowing that you have never before come back to win in this situation. What do you do? Here is where you become an instant Buddhist, no offense meant. The past immediately means nothing. The other person might be a better player, so what, there’s nothing you can do about it. The only thing to do is to occupy yourself mentally with the task at hand.

Mentally rehearse walking up to the baseline, preparing for your serve and serving to your opponent or returning your opponent’s serve. Rehearse playing the point until you have won it. Then think about how happy you feel now that you’ve won the point. Repeat until end of match. Simple.

Practice Report: worked out at the gym for an hour and a half.
Solutions Analysis: I am modifying my squats. I have been stepping forward and then twisting but this causes tendonitis in my knee. Instead, I get into the squat position and go up and down while twisting so that I have more stability.
Success Analysis: going to the gym at all is a great success.

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