Despite dragging my extremely tired butt off the court after about 50 minutes, I did discover something very useful about my new strokes. Because I twist my trunk on every shot, I have much more power if I have to reach for a shot. As I’m running across the court to get to the shot, I am twisting my trunk to bring the racket back and even if I am out of position, I get a lot of power by untwisting my trunk and I swing forward into the shot.

Practice and Competition Report: played with Daniel for 1 hour in 90 plus degree weather, the first time I have hit with a partner since contracting my second bout of tennis elbow in the last two years.
Solutions Analysis: looking for solution to the problem of hitting overheads into the net. Looking at the ball might help, don’t you think? Pointing up at the ball with my finger keeps my head up and increases the chance that I will actually see it as I hit it.

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