Yeah, Soderling is a reach. You know what I think happens, I don’t have any Ferrers left or many other Latino players so I unconsciously inflate the prowess of my unused players in hopes that they will be a money player and I can make up for the two times I actually forgot to submit my team – and one of them was a Masters Series event.

I am such an absent minded professor type that I was having breakfast this morning when I realized that I hadn’t actually submitted my team for the Open yet.

I spent my morning in bed reading about the mathematicians who solved Poincare’s conjecture – among other things it says that humans can be reduced to a donut shape because they have a hole in the middle of them. It makes me think that I should switch my focus to doing some statistical analysis on past years and see if you can predict winners – for instance, what’s the connection between performance in Masters Series events and slam results? – rather than be in a fantasy league.
Yes, bunnies and humans can be reduced to donuts. Therefore, I have decided that I should focus on the more abstract, statistical aspects of fantasy tennis instead of actually trying to win at it. So, I will continue on two paths. One will be to develop a screen scraper program to download all of those annouing pages into an excel file and the other is to develop magazine articles on the more personal aspects of tennis – for instance, why I symphathise with athletes instead of their accusers when they are accsed of sexual assault even though I was the victim of a sexual assault.

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