I’d really rather do anything but go to the gym but I do go for two good reasons.

1. Strength work: if you think that you can develop all the strength you need just playing your chosen sport, you are probably wrong. Take it from someone who has had more than enough injuries. Ask people in your local league if they have injuries. The exception is probably someone who doesn’t.
2. Movement patterning: how coordinated you are? How graceful are you? How good is your balance? How well do you use your strength when you hit a tennis ball? Doing rotations with a med ball, for instance, patterns you to use your abdominal muscles when you swing a tennis racket. Look at a picture of Roger Federer at the end of a stroke, he’s completely rotated and his shirt is flying around trying to catch up with the rest of him.

Practice Report: worked out at the gym for 1hr 15min.
Injury Report: I am beginning to feel tendonitis in my right knee. Up until now, I only felt it in my left knee.

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