As of today, Vijay Singh is still in the running to win the U.S. Open. In case you were thinking of trying this yourself, here is a look at Singh’s six days a week training schedule as reported in the New York Times this past week.

1. Get up at dawn and ride a stationary bicycle for twenty minutes
2. Train with weights for thirty minutes
3. Use a medicine ball and cables to mimic swing for thirty minutes
4. Hit balls for an hour and a half
5. Play a five hour practice round
6. Eat lunch
7. Putt and hit balls for two or three hours
8. Eat dinner
9. Work out for ninety minutes

When he’s not doing this or playing in a tournament, he goes on high-altitude hikes. He also studies the mental part of the game with Robert Parent, author of Zen Golf.

There is a good reason that he is a champion and you and I are not.

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