Most Entertaining Match So Far

had to be Federer’s match with Suzuki, and although the Japanese player is only 5’8″, he put on display a game style other players should think about adopting if they want to make inroads on Roger’s winning ways. He came out serving very aggressively and effectively, rushing the net repeatedly. I think Roger was a bit taken aback…at least until the magical game eight, when he shifted into the high gear, got the break and served out the first set.

The style that can beat Roger, in other words, is basic old serve and volley. Too bad hardly anyone is playing it today, and the most likely candidate – Tim Henman – has had good success against Federer, at least up until last year, when Roger gained the upper hand.

The rest of the match was an amazing display of Roger, Roger, more Roger. Yes, I suppose there’s really nothing more to do…other than walk off the court when the guy hits the around the post shot barely six inches off the ground!

Still, the crowd loved and really appreciated Suzuki’s effort and gung-ho style of play, and I just want to know how a guy can be ranked in the 300 range on the tour and play as well as he did…for at least a good portion of the first set, against the world’s best player.

Role Reversal

Used to be the men’s game was the thrilling game, a number of guys could beat each other on any given day to take a title. Then a guy named Roger Federer came along, and even though Brad Gilbert thinks the four top guys can win it (Federer, Roddick, Hewitt, Safin) along with Andre (#8), it seems Roger is the one who will most inevitably rise to the surface at the end of the day.

Not so the women, although it seems only a brief while ago when Serena and Venus were exchanging titles amongst themselves. Now there are a handful of Russians, along with a rejuvenated Lindsay Davenport, and the always powerful Amelie Mauresmo, who can keep Serena and Venus company.

If last year’s slam record for the women is any indication, the trophy wealth will be spread around, with a different woman winning each slam. A great deal for the women’s game!
Although Mary Carillo made the interesting comment that the Williams sisters would dominate again, if they can get their serves back to where they once were.

Hopefully the men can get it going too. Much as I love to watch Roger Federer play and win matches, tennis will be better served if he has a pack of howling guys nipping at his heels.

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