This week’s Sports Illustrated (dates on issue) has an article about people like me – sports bloggers – and the current state of sports journalism
Explain that this is about the S.O. article.

The term blogger is no longer ueful. Peter Bodo is a blogger[link and explain who he is]. Would you tell him he’s not not a journalist.

[blockquote]The distrinction is between those who get press passes or conduct interviews and those who never leave thir bedroom.

The Sports Guy (name?), said in the S.I. article that he didn’t want to meet the players lest he find out that they are, well, I don’t want to use the term that S.I. asterisked out, let’s just say he doesn’t want to find out that a player is a jerk. That’s probably a fib. He already knows that there are a fair number of players who are not only jerks but worse, much worse. They drive drunk and beat up their wives. It think it might have more to do with havng the freedom to tee off on someone you’ll never meet.

My mother always told me – actually she didn’t tell me much, she mostly yelled at me, but, in my fanatasy – she told me not to say anything about another person that I wouldn’t say to their face. Would I tell Andy Roddick that standing far behind the baseline on a second serve is like a dog rolling over and offering up his tummy as I have written here? Probably not.

But I do go to tournaments and I do get press passes and go to press conferences. And I want to sleep well at night. Yoga says that you have far fewer dreams – and more peaceful sleep – when you resolve all your issues by the end of the day. If I’m calling someone an idiot or passing on a rumor just so that I can increase the traffic on my site, I would feel uncomfortable about that. I might get more readers but I’d also have more dreams.

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