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You probably didn’t know that Richard Gasquet needed a new coach. He doesn’t even know. That’s because we – Maria, Pat and I – decided for him. The conversation came up in the comments section when we were talking about the current superstar coach craze on the ATP tour. Larry Stefanki’s player Fernando Gonzalez got all the way to the Australian Open final despite never getting past a slam quarterfinal before. The British tennis association is paying almost $1 million dollars a year to Brad Gilbert to turn Andy Murray into a slam winner. Andy Roddick has regained the U.S. number one ranking since teaming up with Jimmy Connors.

I tried to go back and see what I wrote in that comments section but I can’t because archived posts are lost until we finish our grand transition here at MVN. Which is my way of telling you: “WELCOME TO THE NEW MVN”. That’s right, we’re no longer known by that clunky name that was so long the links didn’t work on some sites. Nope, we’ve morphed from to the new, short, cool and hip As you can imagine, any domain name that short cost a few bucks. It did but it was worth it. Hey, our name is now shorter than ESPN’s. Is that cool or what?

Forgetting the fact that Gasquet may be perfectly happy with his coach, Eric Deblicker, who works with the French tennis association, there are a number of questions to ask before we begin our search in earnest.

1. Is there anything wrong with Gasquet’s game? I mean does he really need a new coach?
2. Would Gasquet be better off with a coach outside of the French tennis association?
3. Is there a retired superstar player who would be appropriate for Gasquet as a coach?
4. If there is a retired player, should that player’s playing style match Gasquet’s playing style?

I have a choice for Gasquet’s coach but I’m going to be quiet about that for the moment – a rare occurrence I might add – and I’m now going to throw the conversation over to Pat (Maria, feel free to chime in and anyone else for that matter.)

Let’s start by lobbing the first question at Pat. And no jumping ahead Pat else I’ll, well, what will I do? 11pm curfew for you which means no drinks with Marat Safin when you use those press credentials at the SAP Open in San Jose later this month.

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