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LA Woman, the Documentary (2011) – Directed by Kate Crash

A multimedia/documentary project profiling pioneering, emerging, innovative and otherwise compelling Los Angeles-based female artists, philosophers and social entrepreneurs. In their own worlds and contexts.

Directed by: Kate Crash
Produced by: EZTV & Michael Masucci

This is an interactive project. You can view the intro, the entire documentary (above), and individual clips arranged by interviewee.

Interviewees in Alphabetical Order:
Lita Albuquerque, Zina Bethune, Jessie Bliss, Strawn Bovee, Dorit Cypis, Susanna B. Dakin, Simone Forti, Nana Ghana, Carol Gillam, Kate Johnson, Anna Homler, Dr. Linda Lack, Lina Lecaro, Dianne Magee, Donna Enad Napper, Rika Ohara, Nina Rota, S.Pearl Sharp, Barbara T. Smith, Jessica Sohn, Donna Sternberg, Tiffany Trenda, Valerie Velazquez, Jan Williamson.