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Journey to Planet Write: Late to the Game (2016)

This is my contribution to Journey to Planet Write, a project created by Gay Degani at Words in Place. These are stories of writers’ journeys to their current writing career. Check them out!

A Right Royal Trip Down Memory Lane: The Willings Family (2013) – Written and Directed by Nina Rota

In the summer of 2013, I traveled to England with my sisters Helen and Lindy, and met up with my brother Richard and our cousins Angela and Diane in Essex. We traveled back to the villages and houses where we grew up. Along the way, I recorded images and audio on my iPhone.

Editor: Kate Johnson, EZTV

Sins of the Celebrity Father

My essay, Sins of the Celebrity Father, has been published in Inside Tennis.

A tennis blogger writes about Roscoe Tanner as he slides deeper into legal trouble over bounced checks and unpaid child support only to see her blog become a meeting ground for Roscoe’s fans, friends, and finally, his daughters. The maturity and eloquence of Roscoe’s daughters lead the blogger to rethink her relationship with her own absentee celebrity father.